About Us

Habesha at a glance

Habesha Oils and Fats is an Ethiopian company that is focused on manufacturering high quality cold pressed oils, using fresh Ethiopian grown produce. With a diverse and unique range of products, advanced press and filtration technology and unparalleled technical capabilities, we are able to provide you with consistent, quality cold pressed oil products and services.

Habesha oils and fats strictly focuses on producing 100% cold pressed oils. The oil is extracted at very low temperature and only using mechanical methods, never using any high heat or solvent.

By using traditional method cold pressing, we are able to deliver oils rich in taste, aroma and other health beneficials like antioxidants and fatty acids. Cold pressed oils retain all their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking and skin care requirements. They contain zero grams of trans fatty acids and are naturally cholesterol-free.

Why Habesha?

we are able to provide you with a consistent, quality supply of Ethiopian cold pressed oil products and services.

Our Vision

To create premium product that is both nutritional and a foodie’s delight Determined to change the way extra oil is perceived in the world market, and to give the precious oil seeds the respect and attention they deserve.

Our Value

We are a family and not a business. We do believe that what we would offer to our children, this is exactly what we would offer to the consumer that trusts and choose us.